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Coming RiverSouth News?

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So it’s been a long wait for anything new to be said about the RiverSouth area of downtown. For those who don’t know, it’s the area of parking lots including the Lazerous Building, Courthouse, Miranova, etc… There’s tons of potential, and with a streetcar line, it could be the next big area for development along the lines of the Arena District.

Here’s a snippit from City Council’s Agenda for tonight…


To authorize the release of $4,625,000 out of $10,000,000 of 2004 Series A Bond proceeds currently held in the Project Fund in support of Columbus Downtown Development Corporation’s land acquisitions and preliminary engineering and planning for the initial development of certain portions of the RiverSouth Area.

Almost $5 million towards the preliminary engineering and planning is a lot of scratch. It would be nice if they at least showed us the master plan they’ll be working from.

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  • gramarye

    Ha! You vill neffer zee our Zuper-Zecret Mazter Plan! MWAHAHAHA!

  • Walker

    Yeah, I can’t wait to see some sort of sketches or renderings or something! Maybe now the bridge projects are underway we’ll see them releasing something soon…

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